People throughout Illinois are talking about the Illinois Kids Campaign, but we rely on our friends and supporters to help spread the word and encourage others to take action. Here are two easy ways that only take a few moments:

Facebook & Twitter
Start an Invest In Kids conversation online. Sample messages are provided below. Tag the Illinois Kids Campaign on Facebook and @ILKidsCampaign on Twitter. For additional messaging, follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter and share content.

The Illinois Kids Campaign supports legislation that will give kids access to the best education. Lend your support

Children only get one chance at an education. Help ensure Illinois children get the education they need & deserve

We support funding for schools, student scholarships and teacher tax credits. We support the Illinois Kids Campaign!


Make it easy for others to take action by adding one of the digital banners below to your website. Post banners with a clickable link to the Illinois Kids Campaign website: Have questions? Email [email protected].

Banner 1

Banner 2

As always, we are grateful for the ongoing support. Momentum is growing and the message to Invest in Kids has never been stronger.