Efforts to merge entrepreneurship and education are expanding across the nation.

The 74 Million recently reported on Rice University’s Education Entrepreneurship Program (REEP), “a Houston-area leadership program geared toward K-12 educators who want to instill business savvy and management skills into their work in schools.”

REEP brings together traditional and charter school educators from throughout the Houston area, and even other states, to receive innovative leadership training.

Locally, the Science and Entrepreneurship Exchange is a Chicago organization aimed at bringing entrepreneurship into elementary school classrooms.

“SEE delivers real-world entrepreneurship, invention and engineering into 3rd-8th classrooms. During the pivotal elementary and middle school years, SEE students work with professional and university mentors to conceive, design and manufacture real products, and build, fund and manage real businesses around their inventions.”

SEE does most of its work through Nettlehorst Elementary School – a district school in Lakeview. And according to their Facebook, SEE is expanding to St. Philip Neri Elementary School, a Catholic school in South Shore.

REEP and SEE are embodying the principle that children deserve personalized education options regardless of geography or sector.

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