One Child’s Success Story Proves the Profound Impact of Scholarships



Milon Hutchinson hails from Chicago’s south side. He is a hardworking and motivated youth, who earned straight A’s in elementary school, and was the valedictorian of his 8th grade class.

But when it was time to select a high school, the best options were out of reach for Milon – despite his proven potential and success.

Faced with these financial realities, Milon turned to LINK Unlimited, a scholarship and mentoring program, and active Illinois Kids Campaign Coalition member. Through LINK, Milon was introduced to the Latin School of Chicago, one of the city’s most prestigious high schools with a costly tuition.

Fortunately, and through the support of LINK, a scholarship helped bridge his financial gap, and Milon was quickly enrolled.

At Latin, Milon flourished graduating after four exceptional years of education. Today, Milon attends Carleton College to follow his dreams and study medicine.

Hard work, mentoring, teacher investments, and a transformative scholarship opportunity enabled Milon to pursue his academic interests, and career goals.

Milon is just one example of the impact scholarships can have on a child’s life.

The Illinois Kids Campaign urges lawmakers to Invest In Kids, like Milon. Advocate for increased donations to nonprofit scholarship organizations that provide opportunities to students to attend the K-12 schools best suited for them – regardless of type, income, or geographic location.

In Illinois, tens of thousands of children can benefit from scholarships. Make a difference in their lives by supporting the Illinois Kids Campaign and its efforts. More information is available at