CREDO at Stanford University released a study showing that only charter schools aren’t doing well, to put it simply.

Robin Lake responded with an article in Education Next. Ms. Lake points out that online charter schools are important opportunities for innovative pedagogy and individualized learning, but that structures tasked with regulating online charters need revamping.

This policy discussion is an effective illustration of the K-12 education debate in general. While we may support a certain type of school for its innovative capacity or community heritage, the ultimate measure of any school’s value is the learning and growth its students accomplish. So all schools should have the autonomy, talent, and support they need to succeed. Students and their families should be empowered to find the schools that work best for them among a diverse set of options. And policy makers need to ensure that every school is accountable for their outcomes.

Ms. Lake applies this basic formula to online charter schools, and it applies to every other sort of school as well. We ensure every child’s right to a high quality education by shifting the focus from school type to school quality.