Our drumbeat continues!

Supporters have helped spread the word about the Illinois Kids Campaign and have mobilized their networks to contact lawmakers. Thousands of emails, letters and phone calls are reaching Springfield with a clear message to Invest in Kids.

We’ve added new Fact Sheets to help parents, grandparents, guardians and teachers understand the impact the Illinois Kids Campaign’s solutions will have on them and their students’ education. Important information is available for:

We encourage supporters of the Illinois Kids Campaign to read the fact sheets, then share them and with others in their community:

  • Post in schools, organizations, businesses, or churches
  • Print out and distribute at upcoming events
  • Include in upcoming mailings, or newsletters
  • Have copies available for others to take and share
  • Share on social media pages, and invite others to do the same

We are grateful for the support of those who are helping to make a difference in the lives of Illinois’ kids. Thank you!