The River Bender reports the data from Untapped Potential, which examines under enrollment of minority and low-income students in gifted programs.

Reboot Illinois discusses the data from Untapped Potential, specifically the lack of minorities in Illinois’ gifted programs.

Data from the Untapped Potential report display underrepresented children in gifted and talented programs in Illinois.

NPR reports OCI’s findings with Black, Latino, and low-income students being underrepresented in Illinois gifted programs.

The 74 Million shared the story of UP Academy, a Boston charter network that consistently achieves high student growth. With state and district support, UP plans to serve 10,000 students by 2020.

Last week, we posted about Noble Network of Charter Schools’ recent Department of Education expansion grant. Noble is another high growth charter network that will change kids lives as it expands.

Illinois legislators ought to follow Boston’s lead. If a school works, let it work for more kids. Whether the school is charter, traditional, or private is not important. Reward, support, and expand high quality schools.

“The children of South Africa deserve an education that best serves their needs without any compromise.”

SPARK Schools are private schools that aim to provide affordable, high quality education options to South African children.

SPARK Schools recognize that when education is in crisis, the only thing that matters is serving children.

Read more about the SPARK Schools story.

Congratulations to Noble Network for being 1 of 12 charter networks in the nation to win part of a $157 million DOE grant to expand high quality charter schools.

Illinois children deserve more schools like Noble throughout the traditional, charter, and private sectors. The network serves 90 percent low income kids. 96 percent of their students graduate.

When policy makers focus more on school quality than school type, organizations like Noble will continue to expand.

“We need more great public schools of all kinds. Too often, charter school successes are isolated and don’t have an impact beyond the walls of their own buildings…We’re helping [charter] schools to scale.”

Arne Duncan


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