When it comes to finding a school that is right for their child, the best options can be out of reach for many families.

That is why one solution the Illinois Kids Campaign advocates for is expanded scholarship programs. As so many families know, scholarships can be critical to helping children attend the school that is best suited for them – regardless of household income or zip code – and with the right educational opportunities, children can thrive.

Just read Milon’s story – one example of the impact scholarships can have on a child’s life.

We believe more families should have access to scholarship programs. Their children’s education depends on it.

Help empower Illinois families by contacting Springfield today. Children only get one chance at an education, and scholarships can make all the difference.

Teachers are the backbone of a successful education for our kids, and they deserve our support.

Across Illinois, many teachers are spending their hard-earned money to buy materials and supplies that enhance their classrooms. The Illinois Kids Campaign believes teachers should be reimbursed for those personal expenses, and funds should be made available to help improve the learning experience in our schools.

We applaud the teachers who go above-and-beyond to help students, and we are working hard to urge lawmakers to support statewide teacher tax credits that provide financial relief. Learn more here.

One Child’s Success Story Proves the Profound Impact of Scholarships



Milon Hutchinson hails from Chicago’s south side. He is a hardworking and motivated youth, who earned straight A’s in elementary school, and was the valedictorian of his 8th grade class.

But when it was time to select a high school, the best options were out of reach for Milon – despite his proven potential and success.

Faced with these financial realities, Milon turned to LINK Unlimited, a scholarship and mentoring program, and active Illinois Kids Campaign Coalition member. Through LINK, Milon was introduced to the Latin School of Chicago, one of the city’s most prestigious high schools with a costly tuition.

Fortunately, and through the support of LINK, a scholarship helped bridge his financial gap, and Milon was quickly enrolled.

At Latin, Milon flourished graduating after four exceptional years of education. Today, Milon attends Carleton College to follow his dreams and study medicine.

Hard work, mentoring, teacher investments, and a transformative scholarship opportunity enabled Milon to pursue his academic interests, and career goals.

Milon is just one example of the impact scholarships can have on a child’s life.

The Illinois Kids Campaign urges lawmakers to Invest In Kids, like Milon. Advocate for increased donations to nonprofit scholarship organizations that provide opportunities to students to attend the K-12 schools best suited for them – regardless of type, income, or geographic location.

In Illinois, tens of thousands of children can benefit from scholarships. Make a difference in their lives by supporting the Illinois Kids Campaign and its efforts. More information is available at www.IllinoisKidsCampaign.org.

This month, the Illinois Kids Campaign visited more than 35 communities across Illinois to celebrate the new school year, and to share the message that “Now is the time to Invest In Kids!”

Thousands of parents, guardians, and community members rallied behind the campaign and showed their support by contacting their legislators.

Our work will continue until every child in Illinois has access to a quality education.

Hosting an upcoming event? Contact the campaign at [email protected] for on-the-ground support and materials.

Thank you to the schools and organizations that have already opened their doors to the Illinois Kids Campaign. Your support is making a difference!

People throughout Illinois are talking about the Illinois Kids Campaign, but we rely on our friends and supporters to help spread the word and encourage others to take action. Here are two easy ways that only take a few moments:

Facebook & Twitter
Start an Invest In Kids conversation online. Sample messages are provided below. Tag the Illinois Kids Campaign on Facebook and @ILKidsCampaign on Twitter. For additional messaging, follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter and share content.

The Illinois Kids Campaign supports legislation that will give kids access to the best education. Lend your support http://bit.ly/1J5dBNb.

Children only get one chance at an education. Help ensure Illinois children get the education they need & deserve http://bit.ly/1J5dBNb.

We support funding for schools, student scholarships and teacher tax credits. We support the Illinois Kids Campaign! http://bit.ly/1A0Noh2


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As always, we are grateful for the ongoing support. Momentum is growing and the message to Invest in Kids has never been stronger.

The start of a new school year is an exciting time. As teachers prepare their classrooms, and students return to the building, there is palpable energy and excitement throughout the school.

Like you, we look forward to what’s ahead. Since launching in May, our campaign has significant momentum, and we expect it to build with the start of the school year. We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you what we’ve been up to the past few months, and where our campaign is heading.

  • Campaign Events

Recently, our campaign was thrilled to host education experts from around the country for a meaningful conversation on the issues affecting Illinois schools, and ways to solve them. We learned a lot about how others successfully implemented policies to improve their state’s education, and plan to use these strategies to continue to move the needle towards our goals.

  • Campaign Figures

Our coalition continues to grow! Today, that includes nearly 400 members, who have visited our website, friended us on Facebook, shared our messages on Twitter, and most importantly, contacted their legislators. In fact, more than 5,000 letters of support have been sent to elected officials with the message to Invest in Kids.

  • Your Story

We advocate for scholarships, teacher tax credits, and critical funding for schools. But, the messages that resonate most are personal stories. Tell us how a scholarship has changed a life, or how arts and music programs have kept a child in school. We may share your story in an upcoming newsletter, or directly with legislators. To share, please email[email protected].

We encourage you to take the start of the school year as an opportunity to continue spreading the word about the Illinois Kids Campaign. Here’s to a great year, and to us forging ahead so all children in Illinois have the education they deserve.

The 2015 school year is just around the corner – along with orientation, parent/teacher conferences, and teacher institute days – and there is no better time to share the Illinois Kids Campaign!

Whether you are a parent, guardian, teacher or coalition member, we are here to support you.

Hosting or attending a back-to-school event that would benefit from the participation of the Illinois Kids Campaign? Please email [email protected]

We look forward to the school year, and forging ahead to ensure all Illinois children get the education they deserve. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Our drumbeat continues!

Supporters have helped spread the word about the Illinois Kids Campaign and have mobilized their networks to contact lawmakers. Thousands of emails, letters and phone calls are reaching Springfield with a clear message to Invest in Kids.

We’ve added new Fact Sheets to help parents, grandparents, guardians and teachers understand the impact the Illinois Kids Campaign’s solutions will have on them and their students’ education. Important information is available for:

We encourage supporters of the Illinois Kids Campaign to read the fact sheets, then share them and with others in their community:

  • Post in schools, organizations, businesses, or churches
  • Print out and distribute at upcoming events
  • Include in upcoming mailings, or newsletters
  • Have copies available for others to take and share
  • Share on social media pages, and invite others to do the same

We are grateful for the support of those who are helping to make a difference in the lives of Illinois’ kids. Thank you!